Most Advanced Airliner on board in CO

Future of Airliners



A Colorado startup wants to build supersonic passenger planes faster than Concorde but with fares a quarter of the price -- and Virgin Galactic has just got on board.


5 thoughts on “Most Advanced Airliner on board in CO”

  1. The airliner of this type (ref. Concorde) is long overdue. The accident of Concorde cost by FOD (foreign object debris) suggest deep study and research in this particular field of knowledge.
    Lesson learned will have a good influence on future flights planning and services before and after flights.

  2. This would change our lives, forever! What a mobile gen we are in! Thanks for breaking this news, Lynne

    1. Hi Lynne,

      This modification in design of fast flying airplane is long overdue. Somehow this is risky busines, because is no way to predict popularity of fast traveling on demand by public.


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