Unfriendly Summertime in Texas

… Heat index values of between 100 to 106 degrees are expected
during the late morning through the late afternoon hours each day
this week with higher values possible over the weekend…

Peak heat index values of 100 to 106 degrees are expected during
the late morning through late afternoon hours each day this week.
Latest meteorological forecast for south part of Texas. A heat advisory
may be required if the area begins to experience
heat indices that reach… or exceed… 108 degrees. As of now… only
a few isolated locales likely closer to the coast may reach 108
degrees for an hour or two.

Over the weekend… slightly warmer temperatures are possible and heat
advisories may be needed.

Residents with any outdoor activity plans are urged to drink plenty
of water… wear light weight and light colored clothing… and take
frequent indoor or shaded breaks away from the heat. Young children
and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any
circumstances! Car interiors can reach lethal high temperatures
within a matter of minutes.

Same prognostics are common in all parts of Texas.

Author: Wojtek

Born in Poland, grow up and completed University of Technology at Warsaw. As Aeronautical Engineer I work in US in many different places: Phoenix, Az 7 years, Mesa, Az, 3 y, Seattle, Wa, 4y, Long Beach, Ca 2y, Sacramento, Ca stop,Baltimore, Md 4m, Phoenix, Az, Warsaw, Pl, Mielec, Pl, Nowy Targ, Pl, 1.5y,Phoenix, Az, Downy, Ca 5m, Tucson, Az 1y,Sacramento, Ca, San Diego, Ca, 6m, Sacramento, Ca, Wichita, Ks 3y, Chatsworth, Ca, 7m, Fort Worth, Tx 10y,Decatur, Tx.....company like Allied Signal, Mac Dowell Douglas Helicopter, Boeing Aircraft Co, Lockheed Aeronautical Co, Bell Helicopter Co .......

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  1. When I read about wet and very hot summer in Texas I envy you rain. We are having a very dry spring and summer in Poland. I wish we could get some of your rain. Don’t you think that there should be world weather management department?

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