First impression?

Franklin State Park



Evening Hours Trafic
Evening Hours Trafic
Longhorn bull
Symbol of Texas
Geographical Location of Tecas
Geographical Location of Texas
Sixth Street, Austin
Sixth Street, Austin



austin-173907_1280 (1)
Austin – Kapitol City




Road in forest north of Austin

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Here is my brief story:

After all day long drive from El Paso east by I-10 and later I-20 and I-30 C I finally ended for a night rest at budget Hotel close to freeway I-30 with a good overlook of downtown lights of Fort Worth city which happened to be my destination. A fast decision where to stop in Fort Worth for the next few years came to me easily after a continental breakfast. Hotel staff member advised to go east, then turn south on Hulen St and look for no S6000. He added that I could find there Rental office. Few hours later we got an apartment where we were to live for the next couple of years. The last leg of the travel through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas from Chatsworth, Ca (+/-1500 ml) was maybe too long for of a simple adventure like: go to Texas. One should know that there is about 600 ml distance from El Paso to Fort Worth. When driving E-10 along the mountains range, where the State border divides Texas from New Mexico, we could see beautifully situated Carlsbad Caverns. Seeing it in the morning light of rising sun, brought back some memories. I have been there 8 years before, as a Soaring Advisor for the Polish Team. There were World Soaring Championships, Hobs, NM, 1984. (the story link will be given later). Now I have to drive to satisfy my endless quest for the job. Lockheed Martin Co, Fort Worth, Texas, is my goal. And destination. New contract work for Lockheed found by CC Weekly. My living stop in Texas has been counting from December 11, 2002. (ref Profile at WA or for Wojtek Mozdyniewicz)





Author: Wojtek

Born in Poland, grow up and completed University of Technology at Warsaw. As Aeronautical Engineer I work in US in many different places: Phoenix, Az 7 years, Mesa, Az, 3 y, Seattle, Wa, 4y, Long Beach, Ca 2y, Sacramento, Ca stop,Baltimore, Md 4m, Phoenix, Az, Warsaw, Pl, Mielec, Pl, Nowy Targ, Pl, 1.5y,Phoenix, Az, Downy, Ca 5m, Tucson, Az 1y,Sacramento, Ca, San Diego, Ca, 6m, Sacramento, Ca, Wichita, Ks 3y, Chatsworth, Ca, 7m, Fort Worth, Tx 10y,Decatur, like Allied Signal, Mac Dowell Douglas Helicopter, Boeing Aircraft Co, Lockheed Aeronautical Co, Bell Helicopter Co .......

5 thoughts on “First impression?”

  1. Having lived all my life in New England, I look at the pics that you posted and can’t help but wonder where all the big pine trees are hiding! lol.
    I’ve never been to Texas officially. The only time I’ve been was on a layover in Dallas on the way that my wife and I were on to Mexico. That was frustrating for me because I really would have liked to check out at least a little of the Big State!
    All the best for you and Lockheed!

    1. Hi Brian. Thank you for some own reflection sharing with me. All Texas is really nice and big State. You can find here most extreme of nature or human modern development.

      If you will want to find big life experience, this is the place to go.

      Thank you.


      1. Texas is a large state in the southern U.S. with deserts, pine forest and the Rio Grande, a river that forms its border with Mexico. In its biggest city, Houston, the Museum of Fine Arts houses works by well-known Impressionist and Renaissance painters, while Space Center Houston offers interactive displays engineered by NASA. Austin, the capital, is known for its eclectic music scene and LBJ Presidential Library.

  2. Hi, there!

    The state of Texas has always fascinated me. So big, shelter to many cultures and ethnicities. I am not from the US, but one of my visits to the country will belong to this great state.

    Space exploration, this sounds interesting to me. If you can provide more information about the state, it will be perfect.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello Imad.

      For sure information you already have pertaining Texas are very good. But I can assure you when you vist Texas, you will discover endless way to explore and enjoy most places in this State.

      How much you really can be in Texas, depends how well and detailed your trip will be.

      Information about Texas are already implemented in my website. Any topics can be explore in detail when you use navigation Bar or Side Title of Topics Title.

      If you like have or you already have specific question, just ask me and I will distribute information’s available on it.


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