Summer 2016 fast approaching Texas

Days mostly not typical for south of USA are finally over. Winter time was unusually warm and wet. See info from local Newspaper:

“Traffic was being rerouted from one of the main east-west routes across Texas amid high-water concerns. Travelers as far away as El Paso, San Antonio and Houston were advised to avoid I-10.

Parts of Deweyville, a town of about 1,000 along the Sabine River, flooded last weekend following storms and water releases from the Toledo Bend Reservoir. A mandatory evacuation order was issued Saturday. Emergency officials planned an update Tuesday.

Gov. Greg Abbott declared 17 counties disaster areas due to the impact of high water from last week’s storms.

All motorists who are driving eastbound to Louisiana were urged to use I-20 as an alternate route. For those traveling on I-10 from:

El Paso take I-20 East of Van Horn

  • San Antonio take I-35 North to I-20 East to Shreveport
  • Houston take US 59 North to I-20 East to Shreveport
  • Beaumont take US 96 North to US 69 North to US 59 North to I-20 East to Shreveport
  • Louisiana and Texas border river flooding cost miserable conditions for local living.

Author: Wojtek

Born in Poland, grow up and completed University of Technology at Warsaw. As Aeronautical Engineer I work in US in many different places: Phoenix, Az 7 years, Mesa, Az, 3 y, Seattle, Wa, 4y, Long Beach, Ca 2y, Sacramento, Ca stop,Baltimore, Md 4m, Phoenix, Az, Warsaw, Pl, Mielec, Pl, Nowy Targ, Pl, 1.5y,Phoenix, Az, Downy, Ca 5m, Tucson, Az 1y,Sacramento, Ca, San Diego, Ca, 6m, Sacramento, Ca, Wichita, Ks 3y, Chatsworth, Ca, 7m, Fort Worth, Tx 10y,Decatur, like Allied Signal, Mac Dowell Douglas Helicopter, Boeing Aircraft Co, Lockheed Aeronautical Co, Bell Helicopter Co .......

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